10 Rare stamps worth a Fortune

So how do you know if you have a rare stamp that’s worth a lot of money in this video i’m going to go over 10 rare stamps that could be worth a fortune what’s up everyone welcome back to old money prices where we give you the best information regarding rare coins paper money and in this video stamps that you may have in your possession worth a

lot of money Consider hitting that subscribe button and click that notification bell so you don’t miss a single video we post let’s jump right into the video i’ll start by saying this if you ever see a stamp that looks like this with the picture inverted it is most likely going to be worth a lot of money if it’s genuine this is a 1901 4 cent pan american stamp that is worth crazy money this one originally had a Book value of 35 000 and it ended up selling for 83 000 that’s why it’s important to understand the market how much these things are worth and understand that the market is constantly fluctuating a book will never give you enough information.

you need to know about how much things are worth i really like this one this one is a 20 cent black on gray from 1864 Vintage Rare US 3 Cent George Washington Stamp | Purple / Violetfrom a post office in st Louis absolutely beautiful stamp here very hard to come by but if you have something like this it could bring a lot of money this one was valued at about fifty thousand dollars but it brought eighty three thousand dollars now you may be looking at the stamp and thinking oh this is a normal looking stamp nothing too crazy this is an 1880 special printing three cent stamp it’s well centered it has good eye Appeal good color this one had a book value of 65 000 can you believe that and guess what it sold for a hundred and three thousand dollars at auction for this tiny little piece of paper absolutely crazy remember what i said at the start of the video about inverted pictures here’s another example and you can tell that this stamp has been used it has that postage stamp on top of it saying February 26th but this is a 1901 two cent pan american inverted stamp this one sold for 83 000 absolutely mind-blowing for a stamp now this one’s a little bit more realistic this is an 1875 reprint five cent orange brown color us postage originally these stamps are from 18 57 to 1860 but this reprint still brought good money this one sold for sixteen hundred Dollars this five cent stamp that sold for this much here we have another reissue this one being a one cent blue from originally 1861 to 1867 was reprinted in 1875 this one sold for 901. up next we have a 1909 two cent carmine on bluish paper carmine being the color of that reddish look there if you have something like this it could be worth good money.

this One sold for 161 dollars up next we have the same year but a different denomination different color this is a 5 cent and you can tell how much difference of a value this one brought and a lot of the times i’ll say this the denomination on these really does matter the higher the denomination the more money it’ll typically bring this five cent is gonna bring more money Than the two cent this one sold for 2600 for this five cent stamp from 1909. here we have an absolutely amazing 1882 special printing 5 cent gray brown stamp here you got to remember the time period here we’re talking about the late 1800s and it is in pristine condition if you’re ever going through an old collection if you’re ever at an antique shop and you come across something like This.

571, Mint XF-Superb NH $1 Lincoln Memorial PSE Cert Graded 95 – Stuart Katzwow you can get a really killer deal if you come across something as incredible as this stamp here this one sold for 138 thousand dollars this is the most iconic holy grail stamp ever this is the stamp that everyone talks about this is the airmail 1918 24 cent inverted picture as i was talking about this whole video these inverted pictures bring a lot of Money okay so this stamp exists with a plain normal and that stamp depending on the condition will be worth anywhere between one to five hundred dollars as soon as you see this stamp with an upside down plane that’s where the big money is this one sold for a staggering 328 thousand dollars holy guacamole that’s crazy so again if you ever see the stamp You’ve hit something really big just make sure you’re not getting scammed make sure it’s a genuine stamp because there are people out there that will try to fake these so just be aware make sure you consult an expert before moving forward