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Thomas Jefferson

so first up is a stamp featuring Thomas Jefferson that has a special printing and it is from the year of 1875 this one sent us postage stamp sold for over $28,000 $28,000 next up is another very expensive stamp here you can see that this one does have some kind of ink that’s been pressed on it now this one here is a 2 cent postage stamp featuring George Washington and this stamp from 1920 so for over $29,000 Moving right along this one here is actually a graded stamp you can see there in the image display that it’s from the year of 1909 it has two stamps still connected together and they are 10 cent US postage stamps apiece so that’s pretty sweet these two stamps together sold for over $35,000 moving right along to a Harding stamp from 1923 you could see in one corner says 1865 the other 1923 United States postage so a 2 cent stamp again

Here this one here is sold for over $23,000 now this next one you can definitely buy a house with because that’s how expensive this stamp is it is again from 1923 the Harding stamp 2 cent postage stamp here and this one here sold for over a hundred and three thousand dollars one hundred and three thousand dollars moving right along this one’s pretty cool I really like this one probably my favorite one of this video it’s got Silver tax on it fifty dollar stamp very very neat United States Internal Revenue that is awesome so it’s got the number 731 on there this stamp here from 1942 sold for over forty six thousand dollars.

next up is a Hawaiian postage stamp this is a 2 cent stamp not too crazy about this one because there’s not really much on the design of it but it did sell for big money it sold for over one hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars so that is pretty Incredible for a little bitty piece of key paper a stamp one hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars moving right along to George Washington stamp now this one here is pretty cool it says playing cards at the bottom at the top it says Internal Revenue US Internal and then it is a three cent stamp from 1862 to around 1871 somewhere in that area this stamp here sold for over $28,000 $28,000.

moving right along to a st. Louis post office stamp now This one’s pretty cool it’s got two bears on there it looks like on each side holding up the united we stand divided we fall and this postage stamp is from 1846 and it’s sold for over $82,000 moving right along there’s only two of these stamps ever known and you will see why because here’s the front of the stamp it is a one cent postage stamp with Thomas Jefferson and then here is the back of the stamp so that is pretty sweet there so here’s the certificate of Authenticity I believe so it tells you how authentic it is and the people that is supporting when they did sell it so this stamp here sold for over forty eight thousand dollars