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1861 Famous Signatures RARE Postage Stamps SEE ALL 95 Photographs of Items

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1861 Famous Signatures RARE Postage Stamps SEE ALL 95 Photographs of Items


Please note: I have added 95 photos to the bottom of this listing to try and show the item in as much detail as possible so please take the time to view them all carefully.

This is a very speculative and most interesting Victorian album. Very posh of the period with embossed cloth covered boards and gilt page edges matching the gilt ALBUM title to the cover and not forgetting the book clasp. The covers have completely come off the rest of the pages. so it is LOOSE.

Clearly SOME of the signatures are genuine in the album but some are facsimile as well which are printed on the bottom of engravings etc of the period and then chopped off and stuck in this album. 

Some very interesting people in here though and the POSTAGE STAMPS are very interesting as well. 

First page has an original c1840 PENNY BLACK Queen Victoria postage stamp stuck to it which has the bottom two corners with initials B L and its been franked with a red Maltese Cross. Good margin at the bottom and right hand side. 

Then in manuscript writing it says  

Miss Augusta Frances Keily from her affectionate friend J. Richardson. 7th October 1861.

Her surname Keily, I am not 100% sure I have spelt this correctly. It could be Heily, Keilz, Reily, Reilz, Theily so that is a little bit of a mystery. More research is needed here. 

Her sisters Lizzie and Lucy both sign a couple of items too. The Lucy signature is the very best so you can see their SURNAME really well. 

Below Augusta,s name is another postal item stuck in Franco Bollo Postale BAJ 8 which is a Papal State c1852 stamp.  

I think Augusta’s father must have been a politician or someone within the circles of political people during the period and they lived in or around Exeter.

Stuck in EXETER coat of arms.

Stuck in sepia photograph of a marble bust.

Stuck in French 1 FR ceres red postage stamp 1849 period which is quite a rare stamp with grille frank mark. 

Next page has an extra bit of paper stuck inside. This has about 7 signatures on it which I can only read two of them being Marie Antoinette and Marie Louise. The second signature down has 3 lines of wording, and the bottom signature is very scrawly. Clearly Marie Antoinette we all know who she was, as to the others I do not know who they are. So then we ask ourselves are these original signatures or facsimile, auto printed as you find on somethings. If I could find out who the other people were or the wording I may be able to have more of an idea. 

Two cut out circular pictures a steam ship and a lady holding a cornucopia. In the middle it is hand written with 4 lines about a great musician and signed by Augusta F. Keily.

Next two pages are similar with cut out churches stuck in and hand written wording quoting parts of books by Thomas Hood and a poem about the River Dee, which are both signed by Augusta  AK Nov 9/61. plus another signature initials 1862.

A cut out oval of a castle and a cut out Glasgow picture with a hand written poem titled Youth written by someone else and signed 1862.

Next page has a cut out print of a sailing ship in harbour with a cut out signature of Henry R. Bishop he was a composer and musician 1786 – 1855. This does look like a real signature. 
Also a cut out printed paper signature of The Right Hon William Pitt, this is a facsimile for sure on the printed paper. 

Next page blank but opposite this is a really fabulous sketch drawing of a small sailing boat on the sea signed Off Dawlish GNF 63.

Next page is blank again and opposite is a stuck in hand sketch of a church and steeple in a town with two signatures on the back which I cannot read.

Next page blank and opposite is hand written  “On Books” 14 lines and signed Lizzie Keily, but this could be Theily. 

Next page is blank and opposite is hand written wording and signed by Ellen Bicknell Exeter Sept 24th 1871. 

Next page is blank and opposite is more hand writing which looks to be written in French and dated Exeter August 72.

Next page is blank and once again opposite is hand written wording .. We live two lives   … it carries on to the next page and signed Lucy. G Keily Exeter August 1872. ( this signature is the clearest of them all and you may be able to make out their surname from this page ) is it as Theily or is it a Keily or even a fancy Heily ?

Opposite page has two stuck in scraps floral.

Next 6 pages are blank.

Next 3 pages have stuck in interesting facsimile POSTMARKS of the pre stamp era. These are smaller than a postcard and have all been printed. The bottom line says England from the original in the possession of Mr T. Gosden, all 3 are similar wording to this. Original Frank in the possession of Mr T. Gosden.  So these must have been collectables of the period. So postal postage related and these are really quite interesting in their own right. This chap T. Gosden collected all sorts of antiques and these companies made other people aware of his collections by producing these printed items. Google him and see buttons and all sorts of things. 

Next page is blank and opposite is a stuck in bit of printed paper with a facsimile signature of His Most Gracious Majesty William Henry the Fourth. 

These type of printed signatures I have seen before on the bottom of engravings and prints of the period… so these must be CUT OUT from those and stuck in. I must just say here though that SOME of the signatures are genuine hand written. 

The next 14 pages are blank.

Next page has 5 stuck in bits of paper two are for sure facsimile as they have the printed name on the top The Right Hon Sir Robert Peel Bart and The Right Hon Henry Brougham Baron Brougham & Vaux. The 3 above do NOT have printed wording above them and these are James Cook, Geo Washington, Wellington. 

Now then googling these 3 signatures George Washington is worth a small fortune. James Cook is nice and Wellington that is fairly common. Are these genuine or facsimile I dont know. 

Next page is stuck in and its a different paper altogether and it has 11 or possibly 12 signatures on it, these look all genuine to me. I cannot determine who they all are though, they include Chatham ( Earl of Chatham John Pitt ) 1756 – 1835, V. Gibbs ( Vicary Gibbs 1751 – 1820 ). John Bayley ( Sir John Bayley 1st Baronet ) 1763 – 1841. Mackintosh ( Sir James Mackintosh) 1765 – 1832. J. Leach ( Sir John Leach Judge Master of Rolls ) 1760 – 1832. Thomas Plumer ( Judge & Politician ) 1753 – 1824. 

Next page has a stuck in print of a portrait of a lady signed C.D. 

Next 14 pages are blank.

Next page has a blue bit of paper stuck in which is a cut off letter last line says ” they were written I think in the year 1831 ” then its signed by Amelia Opie dated 1859 or something like that. Amelia Opie was an English author 1769 – 1853.

Next page is blank and opposite are 3 stuck in items, an embossed seal which has a classic head bust facing left with the words THE ATHENAEUM ( posh club in Pall Mall ), centre is a 3 initial hand written signature which has the name LAYARD in pencil below ( Sir Austen Henry Layard 1817 – 1894 ), bottom is a printed circle coat of arms. 

Next page is blank and opposite part of a letter which has the remains of red sealing wax and written in pencil July 6 1844 it has Fitzroy signature. Not sure who this is. Could be any number of famous people from this time. Has wording on the back as well.

Next 8 pages are blank.

Next page has a cut out bit of paper which has a printed line at the bottom London John Murray Albemarle St 1842, above this it is hand written and says My dear Murray ? ? ? Byron. 

Opposite page has a stuck in steam railway industrial scene and a French cut out print of a lady. In the middle it is hand written by Augusta Keily signed Nov. 9/61 and its titled ” News ” 

Last page is blank and a yellow bit of paper is loose in here it has 4 postage stamps stuck to it, these include a very small pink square cut not perforated, one 1/4 FREIMARKE SCHILLING with a BULL wearing a crown in the middle MECKLENB  SCHWERIN which is a German states postage stamp.

One below is Queen Victoria cut not perforated GRENADA SIX PENCE postage stamp which you can just see the name Grenada at the top and it has been franked. 

One below is Queen Victoria purple cut and not perforated NEW SOUTH WALES FIVE SHILLINGS which has been franked. 

One below is a green perforated stamp St. VINCENT SIX PENCE and it too has been used franked. 

Next a stuck in printed page from a magazine of the period View under Chichester Church. 

Next 11 pages are blank. 

Then a stuck in signature which says D.H. Methuan Esq with L. Haghe’s compliments….on the back it says pastel on water colour. ( Louis Haghe 1806 – 1895 Belgian Lithographs and watercolourist ).

Next page has two stuck in bits of paper signature at the top of Thomas Clarkson ( Abolitionist 1760 – 1846 ) then below is a larger bit of paper which is all hand written Cork 15th June 1847, Righteous Temperance and the judgement to come quote signed Theobald Mathew ( 1790 – 1856  Irish Temperance Leader & Social Worker )

Next page has a stuck in part letter saying Lord Abraham requests that his name may be taken off the list for the dinner tomorrow at The Carlton Club, Cuppa House May 16. 1838. ( not sure if I have translated this correct ) 

Below this are two stuck in bits of blue paper, one is a picture of a roll of staves – rods which then has a scroll around them with different place names EXETER and finishes in JOINT STOCK. 

And a hand written part note saying Sent with Lord Stafford’s Compliments his administration for something been given. In pencil it is dated 1850. 

Next page has 3 stuck in printed bank related cheque stubs or similar 

Un-named one with Crown and crossed flags and roses etc.

Next page is the LAST page and has a Britannia printed oval stuck on and a bright purple postage stamp of TRINDAD ONE SHILLING perforated and used franked.

So there you go folks…. a most interesting album. Some of the signatures are certainly facsimiles for sure. The George Washington cannot be real can it ? 

Some are genuine for sure and the stamps are very interesting as well.  


It is worthy of more research into some of the signatures inside. 

It is full of facsimile autographs, ORIGINAL autographs and signatures, scraps, original sketches, postage stamps, written pieces and more. 

It’s probably just best to look at all the photos provided to get a good indication of what is actually in this little album.

Please see pictures for more details and visual confirmation of condition.

It measures approx. 6 inches x 5 inches with 88 pages, not all pages have items on them.
My stock ref: … locked away. 


My stock ref: locked away. 

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