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NC Quill Pen Ink Set, Wax Seal Stamp Kit with

NC Quill Pen Ink Set, Wax Seal Stamp Kit with

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  • FEATHER PEN INK SET : 1x Quill Pen, 1x Wooden Dip Pen, 1x PU Leather Notebook, 7x Replaceable Stamp Heads, 2x Wax Seal Beads, 1x Stamp Handle, 1x Melting Wax Spoon, 1x White Candle, 5x Replacement nib, 1x ink, 1x pen holder (can hold ink and quill), 1x envelope opener, 1x letter paper, 1x envelope, 1x beautiful vintage map gift box. Quill Ink Wax Stamp Set of 26 Pieces. Delicately sculpted look, complete accessories , one set meets all needs!
  • WAX SEAL STAMP KIT: The stamp handle is engraved in high quality silver metal, Wax seal stamps are made of high quality brass. and the stamp is engraved with 7 patterns of “Concentric Lock, Carousel, Bow Ribbon, Bell Orchid, Rose Bouquet, Key Rose, Hand Holding Rose”. Lacquer Wax 2 bottles to mix various colors. Perfect for decoration, embellishment, ideal for wedding invitations, party invitations, envelopes, postcards, greeting cards, gift seals or decorate.
  • QUILL PEN SET with NOTEBOOK: PU leather notebook can be replaced or filled with inner pages.Size: 4.72 X 7.87 In, Can be used as a diary, drawing book, sketchbook, etc. Record your life at any time. Feathers are taken from nature all over the world, made of natural feathers, each feather is unique. The high-quality nib provides excellent control and stability with easy-to-use, non-toxic ink. quill pen and Wooden Dip Pen Use it to practice vocabulary, letter writing, greeting cards,documents etc.
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE: The Quill Pen Ink Set and Wax Seal Stamp Set is a meaningful luxury art gift. Suitable for all kinds of festivals as gifts, such as birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, Wedding anniversary gifts, Graduation gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, etc. Calligraphy sets are loved by many people and can be given to Your family, relatives, children or friends, neighbors, parents. This would make meaningful feather calligraphy pen set gifts.
  • QUALITY AFTER SALES SERVICE: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – If you have any problem with the quill pen ink set, please feel free to contact us, our after sales service will provide you with service and assistance 24 hours a day. Defective products can be replaced or refunded within 90 days.

Quill Pen and Ink Set Includes:

1x Quill Pen

1x Wood Dip Pen

1x Gear Design Notebook/Diary Notebook

1x Ink (Black)

1x 2 in 1 Pen Holder (can hold notebook and ink)

5x Stainless Steel Pen Nib in Different Sizes

2x Bottle Fire Paint Wax Beads

7x Seal Stamp “Concentric Lock, Carousel, Bow Ribbon, Bell Orchid, Rose Bouquet, Key Rose, Hand Holding Rose” Pattern

1x White Wax

1x Wax Melting Spoon

1x Letter Paper

1x Envelopes

1x Open Envelope Tool

1x Exquisite Premium Gift Box

Calligraphy pen set with mechanical gear engraving design, dragon engraving design, phoenix engraving design, steampunk style, unique art set.

Steps to exchange the nib:

The set comes with 5 replaceable nibs:

The high-quality nib writes smoothly and smoothly, with good stability.

1. Unplug the nib, Insert the pen tip you want to replace.

2. Please be careful not to insert the pen tip too deep to avoid difficulty in pulling out.

3. Dip the ink, you can write text, write letters, greeting cards, documents, etc.

Quill Ink Set with PU Notebook:

PU leather notebook can be replaced or padded with inner pages. Size: 4.72 X 7.87 inches, it can be used as a diary, drawing book, sketchbook, etc. Document your life anytime.

Wax Seal Stamp Kit:

The sealing wax steps are as follows:

1. Put the wax beads into a spoon to melt.

2. Pour the melted wax beads on the opening of the envelope.

3. Seal wax with stamps.

4. Wait 20 seconds, and then remove the seal.

The wax seal can not only seal envelopes, but also seal wine bottles, greeting cards, wedding invitations, gift boxes, etc…very beautiful decorations.

Feather Pen Ink Set is suitable for many occasions as a gift: romantic Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, mother’s day gift, father’s day gift, christmas gift, anniversary gift.. quill pen ink notebook set gift is right choose.

Feather pen ink set is suitable for all kinds of holiday gifts, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary, etc. It is loved by many people and ca.

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