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Properly Apply Vertical Concrete Stamps!

For this week’s Technique of the Week, Gregg Hensley from Stone Edge Surfaces shows you how to quickly drive vertical mix into a scratch coat! SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING! https://www.deco-cretesupply.com/trainings BUY WALL MIX: https://www.deco-cretesupply.com/products/universal-pigment-packs-overlay-mix-vertical-concrete/wall-mix BUY VERTICAL STAMPS: https://www.deco-cretesupply.com/products/overlay-stamps-and-stencils-vertical-concrete/light-mountain-dry-stack-vertical-stamps Thanks for watching Technique of the Week! If you want more of these videos, you can sign up for FREE at http://www.techniqueoftheweek.org to start getting new decorative concrete tips and tricks sent to your email inbox every Friday morning! We will be releasing all of the techniques on YouTube on a delayed schedule. To stay up to date and get all new techniques right when they come out, sign up for FREE! http://www.techniqueoftheweek.org If you are looking for more hands on training, we offer training classes periodically that offer many more tips and techniques that will give you confidence on the job. Check out dates and pricing here: http://www.deco-cretesupply.com/trainings
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