Stamp collecting for beginners: How to value a collection

Here at standard gibbons we see dozens of collections on a daily basis and of course these can vary greatly from very little amounts of money all the way up into the tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of pounds all depending on what it is of course the typical collection that we see on a daily basis is something like this a small time album which has passed through a couple of generations of a family and more than One collector has been has been placing stamps of these albums ever since and of course this is how many collectors start it’s how indeed i started collecting you accumulate stamps and you place them into little books and of course as time goes on it is hoped that you become more mature and sophisticated in your taste and you go on to collect something a little bit


more exciting but of course many people didn’t because Damn coatings was a huge hobby say in the 40s 60s right into the 1970s and of course there are dozens of collections out there and these types of albums unfortunately when such a time when people became less interested in stamps were put in drawers and cupboards and things and sheds and lofts and then they get rediscovered many years later and of course when we see a collection like this we immediately when we start Going through these albums we can get a feel for what this person has done and how they’ve collected it as you can see this sort of page is it’s fairly messy it’s quite an amalgamated uh sort of an ensemble of various issues there’s a few older ones here but age doesn’t necessarily mean the stamp is worth a great deal about it but the types of stamps that we see in these Albums all the time we were described as old first and second class from all over the world so stamps which paid all the various rates so you quite often see the lower values in these in these examples say pennies happenings one and threat me’s four pennies and you may see a couple of higher votes say shilling but ninjas out of 10 it’s all going to be very much the common stuff and of course these sort of common sounds weren’t Printed in small numbers they were done in huge figures in the hundreds of millions some of them and of course these are the stamps which people when they’re younger maybe didn’t have enough pocket money or you know they were just swapping with their friends or buying in big packets and things of stamps you couldn’t really afford to buy the expensive ones and so of course you get lots of the cheaper ones and of course lots of cheap stamps Doesn’t really translate into necessary value of course an album such as this is worth so much more to the people who own it sentimental reasons of course and this is how i indeed started collecting but because you you’re interested in the stamps themselves there were countries in one of these old albums that i inherited that i never even heard of Before and of course it’s very fascinating to rediscover these types of collections but of course the historical interest is sometimes far greater than the commercial interest so what would this if i was to see this album come in i’d probably say this album is worse than the region of 20 to 30 pounds and really these types of albums they’ve just never really recouped an investment if they’ve ever Thought of one as an investment these are an accumulation and of course they’re worth so much more to the people who own them but not necessarily worth a great deal to us but then again that comes with a big question how can you tell just by glancing getting a feel for the collection within a few minutes that this is only worth very little compared to a collection which is worth over 10 times this this album here comes from a collection Which is worth quite considerably 100 000 almost on this collection this is album number five out of the whole collection the chap who collected this album again shows you a very different way of doing so he has been meticulous he has organized it very well he has been very as i said meticulous about what stamps he’s collected and also he’s tried to Collect one of everything to complete the sets and of course he has the higher value so this page of cyprus illustrates that point he’s starting from the lowest values all the way up to the top to the second top value the one pound again which is which is a good stamp and these stamps you don’t see in these little albums of course a pound stamp is quite expensive you know you couldn’t be expected to afford that at 12 years old But to a collector they can definitely afford that sort of stamp and also with these types of albums your immediately you can see there’s a great deal of order but also condition condition is a great governing factor when it comes to stamps so here’s another good set in very nice condition it is too and of course the condition of any stuff it’s been like a car a secondhand car is not going to be worth the same amount as A car in the showroom and the stamp is similar if the stamp has been a bit creased or battered over the years or discolored it’s not going to be worth as much as it would be straight from the post office that sort of printing fresh whereas an album like this condition is really not the main concern it’s just accumulating filling up those spaces whereas of course in a collection like this it’s far more thoughtful and considerate when it comes To placing their stamps into the admin or cost we quite often see when we buy collections we auction we’re often looking for the better stamps say the high values and also immediately we can see that some money has been spent on these collections here we have the the first issue of gibraltar where they over printed on bermuda again a difficult set to to acquire and there is also a specimen set of the Second cell and again going through this you can just tell even more so as time goes on this person has been very thoughtful and considerate in collecting what he has done so of course that gives you some idea of how immediately we can get from very little amounts of money to someone that’s probably in the region of say six or seven thousand pounds maybe even a bit more because i haven’t shown you everything that’s in here and neither is The whole collection here there’s quite a number of albums but of course it shows you very clearly how spending money can pay dividends and of course this is a great way to start a stamp collection but this is a great way to carry on to become more thoughtful and considerate of what you’re buying i hope this video has helped to illustrate to you how we view Collections and how very quickly just by flicking a few pages we can understand their worth and of course they can be worth next to nothing all the way up into the absolute thousands